The Brussels Beers of Pajotteland (South of Brussels) have the particularity of spontaneous fermentation. The result of this wild fermentation gives the Lambic. This will be aged in oak barrels. Then it will be used for:

La Gueuze: mixture of young and old lambic
La Kriek: marriage of cherries and lambic
La Faro: mixture of lambic and candy sugar

The appellation "Oude" guarantees a limited production & the exclusive use of young & old lambic.

Gueuze Lindemans 25cl 3,85€
Oude Gueuze Boon 37,5cl 6,5° 6,05€
Gueuze Lindemans Cuvée René 37,5cl 5,5° 6,55€
Gueuze Lindemans Mariage Parfait 37,5cl 6,55€
Faro Lindemans 37,5cl 4,5° 6,05€
Kriek Lindemans 25cl 3,5° 3,85€
Kriek Boon 37,5cl 6,15€
Framboise Lindemans 25cl 3,5° 3,95€
Pêcheresse Lindemans 25cl 2,5° 3,95€
Barbar red 33cl 4,25€